DynaTech® UHMWPE 12 Strand Rope

DynaTech® is pre-stretched, heat set 12 strand UHMWPE rope with exceptional strength and extremely low stretch.  In fact, size for size, DynaTech® is stronger than steel cable of the same size, yet only 1/8th the weight.  It's so light it even floats.

  • High lubricity (almost as slick as Teflon)
  • Non-rotational
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Very high UV resistance
  • Extremely low stretch
  • Floats

With all these properties, DynaTech® is great for:

For Sailing:  Halyards, sheets & lifelines

For Construction & Power/Utility:  Off road winch ropes and pulling lines

Reel Length:  200 meters (656 feet)

Larger Diameters (up to 180mm), longer lengths and other colors available by special order