About Us

CALIFORNIA CORDAGE® is a registered brand name assigned by Advanced Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) to its Hi-Tech Rope products while “ADVANCED LED” for its manufactured LED Lights. AMI started as ABI in 1978 specializing marine & automotive lighting, hi-tech ropes, EPDM rubber gaskets & seals, gopher/mole traps, stainless steel castings & stampings, & aluminum extrusions & castings, to name a few.

AMI does not only focus on manufacturing and wholesaling but on product development as well. New or existing products & concepts can be brought into higher level improvements & cost savings through product design, material revisions, & tool design for manufacturability. We manufacture a wide range of products for many large multinational companies.

Our company's president started as a dreamer with the humble beginning living in his little boat and went to work at a fiberglass section at Ryan Aircraft in San Diego in 1967. He sailed all his life and had a boatyard where he brought designs to life. With his love of the ocean and sailingcombined with his passion in the field of manufacturing and product development, he has been innovating and creating useful and high-quality products that elevates the marine industry.

Now, our company has continually been supplying LED lights to big marine stores and to our automotive clients with our hi-tech ropes and truck/trailer lights. We assure a well-designed quality products which are well-thought out and honed by knowledge, experience, & expertise through passion.