Kinetic Recovery Rope

Kinetic ropes (or Snatch Ropes) work by stretching under load. When you stretch the rope it stores that energy. The whole idea is once that stored energy exceeds the energy needed to move the stuck vehicle, the vehicle is gently and safely pulled out.

California Cordage® Kinetic Recovery Ropes are the #1 choice in kinetic recovery ropes. We manufacture the rope, we splice it, we coat it. We even manufacture the webbing used on the eye loops. That allows us to provide quality control no one else can match. It also means you pay less for a superior rope.

We use Nylon 66 for its superior resiliency while maintaining the same strength and stretch profile as regular nylon. That translates into longer life.

Eye loops are not only Class I spliced (the type of splice recommended for double braid nylon), they are whipped and lock stitched for additional protection.

Dipping the eye loops in a coating may look nice, but when you’re stuck do looks matter? We didn’t think so either. That’s why we only make our recovery ropes with webbing sleeves to protect the eye loops from chafe.

Put it all together and you have one tough recovery rope. Now go play in the mud.