Nylon Double-Braid Dock Line

California Cordage dock lines are made with Nylon 66, which has much greater durability than ordinary nylon dock lines, while maintaining the same load absorption characteristics.  Add the professionally spliced and seized eyes and working ends, as well as the hook & loop keeper strap and you have the best dock lines available.

DURABLE YET SUPPLE – Made from Nylon 66 for extra toughness while maintaining proper stretch.  Double braid stays soft and flexible, even after years of use, unlike 3-strand that gets stiff and hard to work with.

PROTECTION – Double braid is superior to 3-strand for absorbing load.  Less shock load to your boat cleats.

PROFESSIONALLY SPLICED – 12” eye splice is also seized for extra security.  Working end also whipped.

TIDY – Each dock line comes with an attached hook & loop strap to keep your line neat & tidy when not in use.