Synthetic Winch Rope (DynaTech® UHMWPE)

Our synthetic winch ropes are made with DynaTech® UHMWPE fiber. On a weight for weight basis, DynaTech® is 15 times stronger than steel wire and stretches less too. With a specific gravity of 0.97 it actually floats. With our proprietary pre-stretch and heat setting process, it's the most technologically advanced synthetic winch rope on the market today.

While DynaTech® has excellent abrasion and UV resistance on its own; we increase abrasion and UV resistance even further by coating all our winch ropes with Ico-Thane 10 (I-Coat of Belgium) polyurethane coating. Ico-Thane 10 is the only polyurethane coating specifically recommended for DynaTech®.

There’s no point in using the best synthetic rope if you’re going to skimp on the rest of the assembly. That’s why we use powder coated stainless steel tube thimbles, forged hooks with forged spring gates and crimped on terminal lugs. The final assembly is spliced by professional riggers.

To maximize the life of your rope, every winch rope we make comes not only with an abrasion sleeve; we also include a nylon webbing heat sleeve (superior to the industry standard heat shrink tubing) to protect your rope from heat generated by the winch drum.