DynaBraid™ (DynaTech UHMWPE Core w/ Polyester Cover)

  • A 24-plait polyester cover over a DynaTech® UHMWPE rope core, DynaBraid offers high strength and low stretch with flexibility to run freely through blocks, yet provide excellent performance in clutches and stoppers.
  • Core color coded using Ico-Thane urethane coating.
  • Splicable
  • Cover stripping reduces weight, but retains all the performance characteristics of DynaTech® UHMWPE rope.
  • ON BOATS:  DynaBraid is ideal for running rigging on anything from small keelboats on up.  Perfect for anything from club races to Grand Prix competition.
  • FOR CONSTRUCTION & POWER/UTILITY:  Excellent anywhere high strength and ultra low stretch is desired.  Because of it's strength, smaller diameters can be used, meaning less drag/easier pulling.  Additionally, the polyester cover provides abrasion resistance, while the core provides the strength.
Reel Length:  200 meters, 656 feet - Longer lengths are available by special order.