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California Cordage® offers products at wholesale prices and no sales tax to riggers, sailmakers, canvas makers, etc., as well commercial marine, construction and other industries who plan on reselling our products directly or indirectly . Wholesale accounts should complete the "Wholesale Account" form below to register for wholesale pricing and no sales tax in California. (California businesses please note you are required to provide us with a CA Resale Certificate).

California Cordage® also offers products at wholesale pricing to sailing/boating organizations, commercial marine, the construction industry, power/utility, arborists, etc. who will not be reselling our products. For those organizations in California, you will be charged California Sales Tax. Sailing/boating organizations, commercial marine, construction and other industries must complete the "Wholesale" account form to apply for reduced pricing.

Are you an individual interested in our products? If so, you will see a link on many of our product pages allowing you to purchase our products on Amazon.

Have any questions? Call us during the hours of 9am and 5pm Pacific at (415)-295-7544.


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By submitting this form you agree not to share the pricing information with others outside your organization. Failure to comply may result in your account being terminated. Approved accounts will be billed "Net 30" on all orders unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.